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For Leadership Persons

My Offer For Leadership Persons

My specialization is supporting executives in 1-to-1 coaching.

Do you feel anything like this?

– You are rushed, stressed, overwhelmed, unfocused, anxious, hesitant, ambivalent
– Challenges in everyday life, in partnership, marriage and family increase the pressure in your system
– Performance requirements increase, complexities get larger, conflicts intensify
– Your life is work, work and more work
– You no longer have autonomy over your time
– The fun and lightness and motivation are lost
– Health problems set in
– You have a tendency to addictive behavior or have already realized that you are addicted to something
– You feel like you are in a mousetrap
– Alternative ideas of a successful life no longer exist or are unrealistic to achieve and far away
– You regularly explode emotionally in situations that you used to be able to cope with
– Depressive phases occur, become more frequent, anxiety and panic attacks are kicking in
– You no longer see any sense in your existence and actions

A typical spiral you know?

I support executives and employees in identifying the causes of their imbalances and challenges and in developing sustainable steps for change.

The goal of my support is to bring balance and satisfaction back into the way they lead their lives.
Alternative life plans can also take their start in this joint process.

It is a great personal concern of mine, for which I work with passion, to make my experience available to people who desire this positive change and are willing to invest energy in self-discovery and personal development.

I know what crisis can feel like and assist in opening up ways for clients to find their way out of stress in a self-effective way.

I am not a follower of the stereotypical success and performance coaching that is often sold today.

Instead the focus is picking up the individual at his or her current stage of psychological development.

The goal is to allow the client to get from point A to the desired point B.

Eliminating unserving habits and beliefs and emotional patterns is a key element of this process. 

The methods applied are symptom-oriented and efficient.

The combination of therapeutic knowledge with coaching methods based on my own professional business and life experience is the unique offer to you.

I worked for almost 30 years in the management of a large international reinsurer.

My health difficulties at that time made change vital and inevitable. I tried many things and experienced them myself.
Today I apply these success factors with my clients and am grateful to be back in my strength today and to be able to lead a fulfilled life.

I wish you the same from the bottom of my heart.

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