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"It is important to remember the bottom of the valley never has the clearest view. And that sometimes all you need to do in order to rise up again is to keep moving forward."
Matt Haig

For Leadership Persons

Integrative Coaching


Realistic and quickly accessible ways out of the emotional state of alarm

Opening up consciousness

Acquiring a changed view of reality

Physical well-being

Perception of physical needs as a basis for successful personality development

Emotional well-being

The starting point for defining new goals and
and to be able to head for them

Psychological growth

Consciously acquiring resilience through implementing
concrete action steps


The reward for the work of change

Mental well-being

Perception and development of a meaningful life


The desired behaviour change that is achievable for you


The aim is to achieve
emotional freedom and
Reduction of harmful emotions


Identifying core values, beliefs and convictions uncover your needs


Foundation of one’s own consciousness